Friday, April 11, 2014

Blog Post #2

                      Lots of people don't think its a big deal or they don't want to help somone who is being hurt by someone, this is a everyday thing for some kids and they can't always stop it, unless one person stand's up and Speaks up. This topic is Bullying it happens everyday in schools, online, and anywhere. Lots of Kids who are being bullied are to scared to tell someone. I think that sometime kids don't tell anyone they are being bullied is because they think if they tell, that the person bullying them is going to hurt them. If one person could speak up we could stop one bullying and help a kid.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Teen Blog Post #1
April 4th, 2014

                            In the article ''After Gen X,Millennials, what should next generation be?". The next generation should be named with something that is big this century, something that will stay popular for the rest of everybodys life. Like electronics is what will be popular for the rest of everyones life. The next generation will be called the Generation of electronics.

                          I think our generation is good not great we can improve in alot of things. We could improve in stoping global warming, and animal extinction. I think that if everyone in the world was to apreciate the world more and take better care of it that the world would be cleaner. I think that if the world dosen't do it now that in a couple years the world is going to all be global warming and no nice parks or any nice beautiful outside palces to go.

                          The article says that the NExt GEneration is going to be different.